Non Compliant

A Cyberpunk adventure and escape game



In 2085, bodies became a luxury consumer product. The wealthy wear them like clothes, leaving millions of claimants waiting for an organ that will never arrive, their wallet being too small.

The player begins in a transparent tank under the scrutiny of a haughty and arrogant woman . For some reason, she does not seem satisfied and the scientist in charge evacuates the player to the incinerator.


Non-Compliant is a cyberpunk platformer in virtual reality, where you wake up in a garbage incinerator without information of your environment. You’ll need to explore this new world and discover what you are, where you are and find a way to survive.


  • Explore environement in Virtual Reality
  • Climb big structures to explore the world
  • Survive without weapons in places where you are not welcome



Vincent Lamouroux

Game designer and Developer

Jérôme Mathis

Sound Designer, Freelancer